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ABORTION SCANDALS: "Notre Dame" Football Schedules Two Abortion Schools in a Row; Cincinnati Even Worse Than Wisconsin

"Notre Dame" Football is playing two abortion schools in two weeks, first Wisconsin and now Cincinnati.

The University of Wisconsin was bad enough. Wisconsin state law sought to ban association with abortion by prohibiting abortion funding, only to see nefarious elements at the university's medical school set up an incestuous relationship with the nation's biggest abortion chain, apparently including the support of the medical school dean. They even made that improper relationship an integral part of a residency program, tying it in with accredidation.

Yet the University of Cincinnati is even worse. The University of Cincinnati is holding itself out as perpetrating abortions directly under their own institutional umbrella. At this link, the University of Cincinnati even admits to training abortionists, even calling their "... Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning ... prestigious, ... part of a national network."

As detailed at this additional link (when expanding page subpart(s)), the University of Cincinnati admits to featuring, as part of their medical school orientation, so-called "Medical Students for Choice." They even include, when expanding the optional text under that subheading, the troubled boast, "We work to destigmatize abortion provision among medical students and residents, and to persuade medical schools and residency programs to include abortion s [sic] part of the reproductive health services curriculum." 

One wonders how they would try to claim to obtain the "choice" of the person being murdered.

Of course, one also wonders how they would try to suggest that snuffing out an instance of reproduction that already had occurred, with development of the new human being underway, as somehow "reproductive."

Like a luxury mansion that turns out to be infested by rodents, vermine and toxic molds, "Notre Dame's" football schedule continutes to sound superficially glitzy, but instead is scarred and peppered with troubled institutions that either hold themselves out as performing abortions, or otherwise find ways to connect themselves to prenatal killing.

"Notre Dame" still seeks to employ a would-be "Catholic" connection to bolster image and revenue, and attract scholars, staff and recruits, perhaps in a misleading manner. With its sports scheduling, conference affiliations and otherwise, "Notre Dame" habitually associates with, and enhances the prestige and revenue of, institutions associated with an evil. Indeed, the evil of abortion is considered so pernicious by the Catholic Faith that procurement of abortion, like other homicides, explicitly brings about automatic excommunication.

To put it simply, one way or another, however directly or otherwise, "Notre Dame" is essentially scheduling teams being fielded by abortion clinics.

"Notre Dame" even schedules some such instituations on a near-annual basis two institutions, such as Southern Cal and Stanford.

The scheduling of abortion schools as opponents has fit within a tragic broader context with range of other misconduct, as detailed in other articles.

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