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Anti-Catholic Dissident John Jenkins Defies Catholic Faith Again, Embarrasses Would-Be University of "Notre Dame," With Compliments to Deceased Pro-Abortion Politician Kernan - SCW 8.14.20

John Jenkins, a formally ordained priest of the Catholic Church and president of the University of "Notre Dame," has again defied and rejected the Catholic Faith over prenatal child-killing, this time with complimentary language paid to deceased pro-abortion politician Joe Kernan.

By doing so, Jenkins has brought even more embarrassment and disgrace upon himself, the would-be University of "Notre Dame" and the Holy Cross Order.

Kernan passed away at the age of 72 on July 29, 2020. He was known to publicly support the notion of prenatal child-killing remaining decriminalized. Yet, like some other pro-"abortion" politicians, he apparently attempted to "split hairs," suggesting that he did not personally favor the killing, even while supporting the idea of decriminalization.

Prenatal child-killing is a deliberate killing of human life in the womb. Supporters usually attempt to employ the euphemism of so-called "abortion." One surmises that the manipulative sleight of hand is apparently an attempt to confuse and defraud the public, and manipulate a troubled subset of pregnant mothers, into thinking that the deliberate killing is a kind of artificial miscarriage, or otherwise attempt to make the focused killing out to be something clinical.

It would be analogous to calling an organized execution, with a bullet to the back of the head, an artificial aneurism, and calling the assassin and "aneurist."

In a university news release, Jenkins uses various complimentary language to assess Kernan, such saying that the deceased's "many and noteworthy contributions to ... our community, the state and our nation cannot be overstated ..." or "He ... served our state with distinction ... he was a beloved civic leader ... We were proud to have him as an alumnus, and as an adjunct faculty member ..." Jenkins spoke of " recognizing a remarkable life," referencing the pro-abortion Kernan.

In addition to admitting that pro-abortion Kernan had been brought on board as an adjunct faculty member, Jenkins also admitted, and reminded the reader, that Notre Dame gave Kernan an honorary degree, to go with his earlier actual degree, inviting Kernan to be a graduation speaker.

Even worse, Jenkins spoke of the pro-abortion Kernan as "a friend and support to me personally."

The move is the latest in a litany of anti-Catholic dissent by Jenkins regarding the sanctity of human life. He also invited pro-infanticide politician Barack Obama to be a graduation speaker and to receive an honorary degree, only to use public outrage over the move as an excuse to not invite President Donald Trump several years later. Among other lapses, Jenkins also honored pro-"abortion" politician Joe Biden, osentibly for civility in public life, an honor he also accorded a right-wing politician who had recently called a fellow Republican "Lucifer in the flesh."

One local bishop used the word "scandal" to reference Jenkins defying Church guidance to honor pro-abortion politicians. Public scandal generally should bar someone from receiving the Most Holy Eucharist. That fact should call into question whether Jenkins should be allowed to receive Communion, and, by extension, whether he can fully participate in a Mass that he, himself, attempts to Celebrate.

Another local bishop had intervened to prevent a local high school from honoring Kernan the way that the would-be University of "Notre Dame" did.

In addition to his defiance of Vatican guidance against honoring pro-abortion politicians, Jenkins has presided over other embarrassing spectacles, such as allowing the so-called "Vagina Monologues" to occur on campus, or seeing a group of prolife demonstrators arrested by local secular authorities, including an elderly priest, now deceased, who was praying the Rosary outdoors.

Jenkins also has brazenly called attention to his adherence to other left-wing lunatic fringe movements, such as openly inviting illegal aliens to study at the university without proper citizenship or visa status, suppressing historic art for reasons of ethnic politics or presiding over leftist positions regarding homosexuality or fantasy-based "gender," even including the use of an acronym for such subjects that essentially is a form of permissiveness-promoting, or fantasy-promoting propaganda.

The fact that he currently seeks to lead a university called "Notre Dame" adds to the already significant concern. "Notre Dame" is French for "Our Lady," referencing the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, whose statue graces the top of the "Golden Dome." For Jenkins to do what he has done, in any setting, under any circumstance, would be egregious and, above all, harmful to his own soul as an individual, as well as the souls of those encountering his misconduct. Yet to carry out these actions under the mantle of an institution trying to elevate its image by taking on a name relating to the Blessed Mother also means that he, and his supporters, are willfully insulting and disrespecting the Blessed Virgin Mary.

However warped, or mid-warping, the record is, Jenkins' bizarre positions essentially create a hostile environment for Catholics or other persons of good conscience, while also essentially rejecting God and insulting the Mother of God.

The failure of the would-be "Holy Cross Order" to publicly apologize and rebuke Jenkins for his repeated public defiance of God and the Faith calls into question its own problems regarding fidelity to God and internatl governance. Someone with a legitimate Catholic Vocation likely should exercise caution and avoid that would-be order, until whatever problems these situations imply can be identified, sorted out, repudiated and corrected, with any corrective action substantiated.

Meanwhile, no one should be donating funds to Jenkins or any enterprise associating itself with him.

High-quality students and other scholars, or students and scholars of any quality, should avoid associating themselves with Jenkins or the university until the problems are corrected, including abstaining from applying or continuing at the institution.

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