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For Biden-Harris Supporters, It Would Be "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire," For Themselves and All America

The two biggest challenges facing the United States today also happen to be two areas where Joe Biden already failed and failed miserably — the economy and health care.

Right now America has to battle Covid-19 coronavirus while trying to continue an economic rebound from a downturn brought on by the Act of God natural disaster, and complex public health plans that curtailed the economy to curtail the pandemic.

In both those respects, the half-century Washingtonian insider Biden has served up some of the worst performances America has ever seen, then tried to gloss over it with emotionalistic PR spin, such as race-baiting.

Regarding the economy, the Biden-Obama tandem presided over the Second Great Depression, for eight dark years.

Biden-Obamacare wrecked health care, blocking access to health care and full health insurance, including teeing up a kind of stealth euthanasia by failing to cover medically necessary testing.

There might be people out there who simply are "mad the world," or displeased over aspects of their current existence. They might face unique difficulties springing from the Communist-China-stoked global emergence of the Covid-19 Wuhan Virus Pandemic, or the temporary economic downturn resulting from the Wuhan Virus itself, as well the complicated, unfolding public health plans that have stemmed its impact.

Nevertheless, if they simply lash out at Trump, and turn to Biden, they will be jumping "out of the frying pan, and into the fire," without someone, in Biden, who already has proven himself an economic disaster and anti-health care, including being anti-testing.

America already knows that the Trump economy, however one might debate or analyze its various details, overcame the Biden-Obama Depression to bring about robust growth, low unemployment and strong investments that also paid off.

Already, despite the Act of God disaster-related downturn from the global pandemic, Trump can, even now, point to successful progress at an economic resurgence from what amounts to a natural disaster, akin to a nationwide hurricane.

Biden-Obamacare wrecked health care, effectively cutting off actual access to health insurance for many people, while blocking medically necessary testing. It teed up a system of stealth euthanasia if people could not afford to pay cash for necessary tests.

:Less than a decade before Biden-Obamacare, it was possible to get a fairly robust PPO from a major health insurance company for several hundred dollars per month, with minimal copayments, robust coverage of medical testing, and access to an elite array of primary care doctors and specialists. The same company offered an array of catastrophic coverage that could start at less than $100 per month.

Not many years later, Biden-Obamacare blackmailed people into paying several hundred dollars per month, or even much more, while essentially force citizens to self-insure for thousands of dolllars. The citizens then perhaps only get access to a skimpy list of of participating physicians, paying large percentages instead of copayments.

More blood-curdling was the private admission, by the same large health insurance company, that none of their Biden-Obamacare plans covered any medically necessary testing. That, of course, could have created scenarios where people could die, by not getting coverage, if they could not establish the existence of a condition, because they did not have the money to afford the testing to prove what they had.

(Now, that company might have had plans that, solely in connection with annual check-ups, covered some minimal routine tests as part of a simple check-up. Even then, however, they admitted that they still would refuse coverage for even basic, medically necessary tests if the tests related to a preexisting condition. For example, if someone already knew they had high cholesterol, the company would refuse to cover ongoing cholesterol tests, even though the tests were medically necessary for a course of preventive care to reduce the chance for future heart attacks. Of course, if the same patient later had heart troubles, with that major company especially, Biden-Obamacare apparently would not have covered medically necessary tests to even address the heart conditions.)

In the battle against Covid-19 coronavirus, testing is one of the most imporant components. Trump already has been able to boast increased levels of testing, and programs have grown to help provide access.

Biden-Obamacare has a track record of failing to cover medically necessary testing at all.

And that failure was part of an overall Biden-Obama effort to block normal access to health insurance and, in turn, health care itself.

With the economy, before the Biden-Obama tandem went in, there was a moderate economic downturn that was a predictable result of an oil price shock that, also predictably, burst a partial financial bubble. That development coincided with Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker, and Barney Frank chairing the banking committee.

At a time when the country needed a basic economic adjustment, the Biden-Obama tandem served up the Second Great Depression. Anyone living in America during that stretch will remember what their personal circumstances were like during the Biden-Obama economic nightmare.

Obama, like Kamala Harris, was almost unbelievably inexperienced. Yet the half-Black Obama had people casting racist votes in his favor, patting themselves on the back for being racist in his favor, voting for him when he was half-Black.

Against that backdrop, quintessential big-money Washingtonian insider Biden was supposed to be the veteran political figure with government experience. Obama was the trendy mouthpiece figurehead and Biden was supposed to be an experienced government figure. Yet the Biden-Obama tandem served up eight years of the Second Great Depression.

Biden did see himself and his relatives benefit financially from Biden's Washingtonian Swamp Insider status. For example, one of his sons ended up on the board of a Ukraininan energy company. When Ukraine started investigating that company for corruption or wrongdoing, Biden, as a sitting Vice President, contacted the Ukrainian government trying to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired, who was going after his son's company.

That U.S. government interference by a then-sitting Vice President, with an almost unbelievable personal conflict of interest, was what Trump was trying to gather evidence about, in his fairly straightforward phone conversation with a Ukrainian head of state. In other words, Trump took the position that no sitting Vice President, including Biden, was above the law, and that facts were facts.

Self-serving Democrats in the House tried to retaliate against Trump with impeachment proceedings. They invoked one of the most extreme and unusual attack mechanisms in the U.S. Constitution, to seek to punish and harrass someone for seeking to gather facts about abuse of power and conflicts of interest by the person who is now their presidential nominee.

In other words, with a diabolical cynicism, they tried to use impeachment proceedings as a means of obstructing justice, to punish someone for investigating one of their own insiders. Just as Satan himself tried to quote Holy Scripture, and misapply and distort Holy Scripture, during the Temptation in the Desert, the leftist House tried to use a legal proceeding to obstruct Rule of Law and related fact-finding.

Yet, while Biden was, apparently, more than happy to try to bully Ukraine, under circumstances where his family's financial interests were involved, the Biden-Obama tandem was an absolute nightmare for the American economy. It was a nightmare for the financial interests of American families and individuals.

So, facing the twin challenges of a health pandemic and the need for a bigger economic rebound, Biden-Harris supporters are pushing for someone already known for blocking health care, including blocking medically necessary testing, and already known as an economic disaster.

Some people might not like Trump personally, yet he and the people he gathered did figure out how to overcome the Biden-Obama Second Great Depression and restore economic vitality.

Already, Trump and people he works with have started overcoming the economic downturn from the Act of God natural distaster.

Yet Biden-Harris supporters would remove the proven economic success story, and proven curtailment of the pandemic's impact, in favor of a known economic failure and known health care saboteur in Biden.

What is, perhaps, even more bizarre, is Kamala Harris's attempt to convince people that the suffering they endured during the Biden-Obama Second Great Depression never happened, that they were simply imagining it, that Biden-Obama was a boom time.

That position seems to promise that, just as the madman Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Kamala Harris would smile and lie while people return to a Third Economic Depression. Her happiness with that kind of result implies that she might not be interested in the American way of government, or the American Way of Life. Her vision seems more akin to the darkest aspects of the Third World, where, in the worst circumstances, a corrupt cabal of insiders enjoys wealth and status, and perhaps even tries to tout national greatness, even while the populace suffers from the impoverishing incompetence imposed from the ruling juntas.


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