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Joe Biden Would Be Incapable of Forming a Legitimate Government, Given His Entanglement with the Mass Murder of Americans in the Womb; And Biden is Likely to Get Only About 62 Million Votes, Compared with 130 Million Either Killed by Policies Biden Supports or Voting Against Him - SCW 8.15.20

Joe Biden is incapable of forming a legitimate government. The number of votes he gets is likely to be similar to the number of people massacred, many tortured to death, by policies Biden supports (only counting surgical prenatal child-killings, not the chemical ones, such as the side-effects of so-called "birth control" pills). It would be like Hitler murdering 11 million people in the Nazi Holocaust, having another 11 million voters voting against him, getting around 11 million votes, then claiming that he was the duly elected leader of a democracy.

Biden is likely to get around 62 million votes. Since 1973, when a rebellious, treasonous court acted illegally in Roe v. Wade to block many prosecutions, the United States has had around 62 million-plus surgical prenatal child-killings.

(The prenatal murders are usually euphemized as "abortions." Perhaps, by now, some make the reference out of a bad habit. Ultimately the point seems to be, to confuse and defraud people into fantasizing that the prenatal murders are some kind of artificial miscarriage. The sleight of hand takes deliberate killing and seeks to recast it as something "clinical" or health care-related.)

Yet another 62 million living adults will likely vote against Biden, just counting those voting for the major party incumbent. Additional voters will vote against Biden by supporting candidates from alternative parties. So Biden is likely to get around 62 million people voting for him, compared with a combined 130 million persons either voting against him or numbered among those massacred by policies Biden emphatically supports. Some of the latter are ripped apart bodily while feeling the pain.

Tt would be like Hitler murdering 11 million Jews, Catholics, and others in the Nazi Holocaust, having another 11 million vote against him, getting 11 million votes in his favor, then claiming that he was a duly elected leader of a democracy.

The issue, of course, is not how the murdered Americans might have voted, or how proxies might have voted on their behalf. The issue is much more foundational. If a political figure has become subsumed into the absolute destruction of a major portion of the national population, it simply is impossible for that figure to ever be democratically legitimate. In this case, that reality is made all the more stark by the numbers involved. The candidate in question has associated himself with the killing of large block of America's people that is not even surpassed by the number of votes he is likely to get.

Indeed, the number of votes Biden is likely to get is not even half of the combined number either voting against him or killed by policies he aggressively promotes.

Voting for Biden, by definition, would not only be un-American. It would be anti-American. It would be like casting a vote for Osama bin-Laden, or anyone else emphatically entangled with the killing of large numbers of Americans. Depending on how the numbers ebb and flow, "abortion," on average, often has been like 9/11 every single day. And Biden has made himself and abortion, politically, one and the same. Even if elected by a plurality of those voters surviving to cast ballots, it simply is not possible for Biden to claim any kind of legitimacy based upon democracy, let along any kind of electoral mandate.

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