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French Nudist Town Has Surge in Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases

A rapid upswing in Covid-19 coronavirus cases has a hit busy French nudist beach town, Cap d'Agde, with more than 150 cases and counting. According to a local health authority, the infection rate is four times that of neighboring areas. Cap d'Agde is on the Mediterranean Coast, along the French Riviera.

CoronavirusIt bears noting that Cap d'Agde actually might have a mix of different subsets of visitors or residents, some perhaps more inclined toward closer proximity or physical contact with others.

Authentic naturists might assert that naturism is generally platonic, focused upon getting back to nature, seeking simple relaxation and perhaps making a kind of retreat from various aspects of the clothed world.

Yet Cap d'Agde's other mix of visitors might be more along the lines of what one health authority called libertines. One the one hand, according to a source cited in a Fox article, it sounds as if the new Covid-19 cases do cut across multiple subsets.

"The rate of infection was four times higher among naturists in the resort than in the village itself," regional health authorities said, The Local reported [caution; linked article features limited nudity]. Guests at the camp were ordered to don masks and social distance, per The Irish Times.

“There are infections everywhere, including among people who are not libertines,” Pierre Ricordeau, director-general of the health authority, reportedly said. “The message is the same for everyone: wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing, whether you are a libertine or not a libertine."

Even though the health authority cautioned that those suffering the new infections included non-libertines, in the process, of course, they managed to highlight the presence of the libertines.

In general terms, one cannot escape the question, perhaps delicately avoided by media or governmental entities elsewhere for political reasons, of just how much the pandemic has been impacted, and spread, by persons who are promiscuous, or otherwise engulfed in various forms of permissiveness.

Permissiveness and promiscuity, by definition, would bring about close physical contact among strangers or other diverse mixes of persons, contributing to the spread of any contagious airborne and surface-borne virus.

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