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ABORTION & TERRORISM: Should Abortion Be Deemed a Form of Terrorism? It Has to Be.

Abortion is a politically charged killing of innocent, defenseless human life and should be recognized as a form of terrorism. Doing so should facilitate stronger leadership to eliminate it and to punish its supporters, including those supporting it financially and politically.

Prenatal killing, often given the euphemism of "abortion," has as its main objective the violent taking of innocent, defenseless human life in an otherwise peaceful setting. "Abortion" also is highly politically charged.

Terrorism sometimes is difficult to define, yet the conceptual dynamic definitely includes a combination of the deliberate killing or maiming of innocent noncombatants in a context that is politically charged. Abortion definitely has being a politically charged killing of the innocent.

On legal, policy, moral, personal and other levels, it would be helpful to go ahead an acknowledge that "abortion" is indeed a form of terrorism. Doing so would strengthen personal resolve by vulnerable individuals against being coopted into participation. It also could facilitate stronger leadership to resolve this biggest of national security threats.

The numeric magnitude of abortion is mind-boggling, dwarfing the number lives lost in all other wars against Americans. In the United States, there reportedly have been 62 million surgical abortions alone since the illegal 1973 "Roe v. Wade" decree blocked prosecutions of this innately criminal act.

Abortion also has a decided genocidal aspect, not only being a kind of Anti-American Genocide, yet also, from an ethnic standpoint, targeting Blacks at a much higher rate, per capita, than Whites.

The nature of the procedure is particularly violent, essentially death by torture in a number of instances, including, in some cases, unborn children capable of feeling pain being ripped apart bodily.

Already there are other laws that should be invoked against abortion. Abortion, after all, is a form of domestic terrorism, aimed at, in cumulative effect, killing off huge numbers of Americans.

In some cases, pro-abortion, anti-life politicians are receiving distorted levels of support from person with foreign interests, even including foreign interests aimed at legitimizing the illegal invading of the country in order to exploit it economically and divert resources abroad.

There also are basic laws against murder or conspiracy to murder, or anti-racketeering laws aimed at thwarting organized efforts to carry out violent crime or organized criminal activity aimed at financial gain.

Some thinkers might argue that, to be narrowly defined as terrorism, abortion would have to be calculated as pushing for political leverage to induce action, or inaction, with regard to some other issue or goal. For example, if Communist China were to emphasize forced abortions against political dissidents, that would fit a terrorism definition squarely, using abortion as a form of politically motivated violence to punish and deter dissent.

Yet the magnitude and severe egregiousness of abortion in the United States require that it be acknowledged as what it is, a form of terrorism.

An added consideration will have to be what amounts to dereliction of duty by entities such as Congress to carry out necessary impeachment of officials embracing abortion.

For judges or Supreme Court justices, embracing the mass murder of defenseless Americans can hardly be considered "good behavior," and any attempt to amend the U.S. Constitution by an entirely different method than the amendment process contained in the document itself is, by definition, fundamentally illegal.

For a President or other officer of the United States, the promotion of such illegality, and the promotion of tolerance of the mass killing of Americans should be deemed a constitutional crime regardless of judicially psychopathic mischief to block prosecutions of average individuals more directly involved.

Congress is a last line of a defense against renegade judges run wild, or against Presidents engulfed in criminality. The Founding Fathers who created the system that has become one of the oldest continuous governments in the world, in their wisdom, seem to have anticipated such scenarios, providing that check and balance of impeachment and removal. Repeatedly Congress has failed to carry out its duty to serve as that line of defense, even when, in the case of mass abortion, they were failing to defend massive numbers of American lives under threat.

Recognizing that abortion is a form of terrorism can help strengthen the resolute conviction needed to address this greatest of threats to the American nation.

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