SCW NEWSWATCH: “Will Joe Biden Duck the Debates? There are growing calls to shield the former Veep from having to perform” – Wall Street Journal 8.4.20

White House file photo

“… Biden … lead[s] … in the polls and has been known to fumble his words, so now TV debates are apparently passé. The Commission on Presidential Debates has scheduled three … for … Biden and … Trump …. But it’s becoming a theme in certain quarters—namely, the New York Times —that … Biden should skip out, or that the face-offs should be canceled …. What a terrible year to make this argument. The pandemic has put the usual political rallies on hold … conventions will be largely online. Press aides will shape … news coverage … picking friendly interviewers. … Biden [hypothetically] would take office at … 78 … the oldest President in history …. Trump is all but calling him senile … Biden’s verbal stumbles and memory lapses were obvious in … Democratic primaries. … Biden mistakenly referred to Britain’s leader as Margaret Thatcher, who resigned in 1990 … [H]e boasted of working on the Paris climate deal with Deng Xiaoping, who died in 1997 …. [I]f … [Biden’s] polling lead holds, liberal pressure not to debate will grow. …”

Widespread Covid-19 coronavirus at Georgia overnight camp, despite prior testing and partial mitigation strategies; highlights risk of rapid spread and importance of more thorough mitigation strategies

Coronavirus File Photo adapted from .gov source

The CDC announced on Friday, July 31, that there was “efficient” spread of Covid-19 coronavirus at a Georgia overnight camp for children that had practiced some, but not all, recommended mitigating strategies. Notably the camp did not require campers to wear masks. …

SCW NEWSWATCH: “Russia says it will begin mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in October” – UPI

Map of European Portion of Russia and Environs

“Russia said … it has completed clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine …. [Russian] Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said … Moscow-based Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology … completed trials …. [also saying,] ‘We plan wider [vaccination] for October … launch[ing] a new system of treatment gradually,’ Murashko …. [Meanwhile] Anthony Fauci … [told] Congress … he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ … a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine will be available before the end of the year. … [T]he British National Cyber Security Center said Russian computer hackers are targeting COVID-19 vaccine researchers in the United States, Britain and Canada ….'”

SCW NEWSWATCH: “Study: COVID-19 risk 3 times higher for front-line health workers” – UPI 8.1.20

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“… Even with adequate PPE, the risk of getting COVID-19 was almost 2.4 times greater for those caring for suspected COVID-19 patients … around five times greater for those caring for people with confirmed COVID-19 [] compared with those … not exposed to COVID-19 patients …. After accounting for pre-existing medical conditions, healthcare workers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds were almost five times more likely to report a positive COVID-19 result than … the public …. White healthcare workers were around 3.5 times more likely to have COVID-19 than the public …. COVID-19 [prevalence] among U.S. healthcare workers — 461 per 100,000 app users — was almost twice that of … British counterparts, at 227 per 100,000 app users ….”