SCW NEWSWATCH: “When she decided not to abort twins, the #abortion facility locked her inside” – LiveAction/ Sarah Terzo

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Live Action reports on a woman with twins who, it was said, encountered various tactics impeding her choice to leave an abortion clinic without terminating her preborn children.

“Sidewalk Advocates for Life shared a video telling the recent story of a woman pregnant with twins who changed her mind about having an abortion. When the woman tried to leave the abortion facility, workers there refused to unlock the doors and let her go. … Even if the abortion [clinic] ‘counselor’ did in fact lie to try and convince the mother to abort her set of healthy twins, the abortion was thwarted, and the twins were allowed to live. … [T]he sidewalk counselor was pivotal in saving the lives of these children. The pregnant woman later told Laura that had she not been there, she would probably have gone back to the facility and aborted her babies eventually. But the pregnancy resource center was there to help her, and she was given the resources she needed to choose life.”

Live Action additionally reports on what apparently was a diversity of anti-abortion activity outside the abortuary, such that, while a helpful, supportive sidewalk counselor aided the mother, different parties presented angry protests that caused unhelpful distraction.

“There is one more important point to be taken from this story. Along with the sidewalk counselor outside the facility that day, there were a number of anti-abortion protesters who were yelling at the woman going in. Even before finding out she was carrying twins, the pregnant woman was feeling ambivalent about having her abortion. She had wanted to stop and talk to someone outside the clinic and looked for a friendly face. But the people yelling at her were so hostile that she was afraid to stop. She didn’t feel she could trust the people outside the clinic, so she hurried inside instead. If the angry, yelling people had not been there, this woman may have never even entered the facility. …”

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